Michael Strong is the founder and owner of Cogent Change Human Service Solutions www.cogentchange.com. Where the business focus is securing funding for prisoner re-entry, housing and workforce development for the underserved populations in Greensboro, North Carolina, Maryland and Washington, DC. As a human service professional, Michael Strong is committed to helping those who are addicted, poor, homeless, and veterans. As a homeless systems administrator, counselor, life skills instructor, grant writer, veteran’s volunteer and more importantly a sponsor, Michael’s life experiences have prepared him for a lifelong goal of enlightening, teaching and sharing with others how the battles they fight are never lost. Michael is also employed by Communities Helping and Empowering Patriots, Inc. (CHEP) as the Program Manager of DC Vets Service Intensive Transitional Housing in Washington, DC. Michael recently completed the Professional Counseling Education Program in Washington and is currently interning in preparation for a second career as a Certified Addictions Counselor. Additionally, Michael is: Member of the Prince George’s County DSS Veteran’s Committee, Member of Prince George’s County Veterans Stand Down and Homeless Resource Day Committee, Member of District of Columbia Veteran’s NOW committee, Michael has a degree in Human Services from the University of Phoenix, Finally, Michael is the author of Strong Getting Stronger: An Inspiration . Michael’s words to live by are from Elizabeth Wharton who wrote, “There are two ways of spreading light - to be the candle or the mirror that reflects it."

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  • "Mr. Robert Holmes, Veteran U.S. Armed Forces said he came to Kirstin’s Haven unemployed and feeling hopeless. KHI was able to assist him in finding gainful employment and participating in community resources for health and therapy. As part of his recovery process along with supports from KHI, Mr. Holmes reunited with his family and relocated to Virginia to live with his wife."
    Kirstin's Haven "Stories of Hope"