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Kirstin Care, LLC Health Home is a healthcare delivery approach that focuses on the whole person and integrates and coordinates primary care, behavioral health, and community and social support services.

Kirstin Care, LLC Health Home provides comprehensive care management, care coordination, health promotion, comprehensive transitional care, individual and family/support services, and linkage and referral to community and social services. Services are designed to support overall health and wellness.

Services Provided

  1. Comprehensive care management
  2. Care coordination
  3. Health promotion
  4. Comprehensive transitional care from inpatient to other settings, including follow-up Individual and family support, which includes authorized representatives
  5. Referral to community and social support services, if relevant

Populations Served

Individuals eligible for Health Home services include those with diagnoses of serious persistent mental illness (SPMI), opioid substance use disorders (determined to be at risk for a second chronic condition), or children with serious emotional disturbance (SED). Participants must be enrolled to receive the appropriate psychiatric rehabilitation program (PRP), mobile treatment, or opioid treatment program (OTP) services from a Health Home provider in order to qualify for Health Home.

Program Eligibility

In order to be eligible for Health Home Services an individual must:

  1. Be a recipient of Maryland Medical Assistance; and
  2. Receive outpatient mental health rehabilitation or treatment services with a PRP or MTS program for a serious and persistent mental illness or serious emotional disturbance; Or
  3. Treatment with an OTP for an opioid substance use disorder and is at risk for additional chronic conditions based on:
  1. Current alcohol use, tobacco use, or other non-opioid use; or
  2. A history of alcohol, tobacco, or other non-opioid substance dependence

The individual may not also be enrolled in:

  1. 1915(i) waiver services
  2. Mental health case management

A health home participant that is no longer receiving services from their PRP, MTS program, or OTP provider may continue to receive health home services for up to 6 months for the purposes of re-engagement or transition to another level of care.


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  • "Mr. Robert Holmes, Veteran U.S. Armed Forces said he came to Kirstin’s Haven unemployed and feeling hopeless. KHI was able to assist him in finding gainful employment and participating in community resources for health and therapy. As part of his recovery process along with supports from KHI, Mr. Holmes reunited with his family and relocated to Virginia to live with his wife."
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