Stories from our Veterans

Since 2010 we’ve been serving homeless veterans in the DC metro area. Our team is proud to give back to those who have courageously stood up for our country through their service in the Air Force, Navy, and Army.

Kirstin's Haven Inc. (KHI) met Dwight E. Walter, Veteran U.S. Armed forces through a referral from PG House. Mr. Walter resided with KHI for two years before reuniting with his wife who was staying with his brother. During his time with our program Mr. Walter was able to obtain gainful employment and reconcile his relationship with his wife and family. Mr. Walter moved back with his family and was able to assist in contributing financially to his household, be a husband, and provider.

Mr. John Carey has been living at Kirstin’s Haven since 2011. Mr. John was referred to our organization through QCI Behavioral Health. Mr. Carey has been able to utilize community resources to remain healthy, and to have the funding to afford safe housing.

Mr. Andrew Smith, Veteran U.S. Army has been living at Kirstin’s Haven since 2012. Mr. Smith was also referred to our organization through QCI Behavioral Health. Mr. Smith is now able to function independently and has reunited with his family. He has successfully utilized the resources within the community, received mentoring from staff, and began to establish healthy relationships with his loved ones.

Mr. Wallace Clingmans was referred to Kirstin’s Haven through Friendship Place in Washington DC. Mr. Clingmans has been living with our organization for six months. In two months, Kirstin’s Haven has been able to assist Mr. Clingmans in finding employment, utilizing community resources and establishing a routine with goals.

Mr. Ronald Williams, Veteran U.S. Armed Forces has been living a KHI for the past five months. Mr. Williams was referred to our organization through DC VETS. He has been successful in living independently. He is self-employed as a Taxi driver.

Mr. Robert Holmes, Veteran U.S. Armed Forces said he came to Kirstin’s Haven unemployed and feeling hopeless. KHI was able to assist him in finding gainful employment and participating in community resources for health and therapy. As part of his recovery process along with supports from KHI, Mr. Holmes reunited with his family and relocated to Virginia to live with his wife.

Mr. Jamar Phenious, Veteran U.S. Armed Forces lived at Kirstin’s Haven for two years. Mr. Phenious was able to re-establish a healthy routine and relationships, and is now living with his sister.

Mr. Anthony Mazyck was referred to Kirstin’s Have through Housing Community Services, Inc. Mr. Mazyck received help from KHI in finding gainful employment. Mr. Mazyck was later transferred to the Veterans Administration in Los Angeles, CA where he was able to reconnect with friends and family in the area.

Mr. John M. Peterson 111, Veteran U.S. Armed Forces, has been living at KHI for the past three months. He came to our organization through Friend Place-Veteran First Program. KHI is assisting him in the process of finding gainful employment.

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